Tipis to Tacos!

Montrose is good for more than groceries. The “tipis to tacos” section of the Umcompahgreriver offers a spash-packed giggle-fest for those so inclined to stand and wobble on a paddle board.Lining-up for the action.

Leaky shepherding the gaggle.

Oh Dam!

Miriam set’n up for the dam…

Battle stance.

Dusty ride’n high.

Thanks go especially to Chris Norton for the befuddling paddle rescue and to the other Chris on the shore taking pics!





Ruby-Horsethief July ’12

Nick and Mike know that “roll reversal” is good for a healthy relationship.

Sooooo Gooood!!


Coco Whiskey, Telluride Taqulia Brains, Winja.

Mike and Nick go downstream towards Mee Corner.

Keith, so brave, so steadfast.

Whoooooooooot Whoooooooooo!!!!

Cheers to Leah our shuttle driver!

Great trip Nick, Mike, Keith, Garrett, and JuJu Cocopuff (the other Nick). Many thanks.

Iceland! Clockwise…

Looking out the airplane window, through the broken clouds,I see Icebergs. First a few, then several. It looks cold.

The P.A. crackles and informs us of the encroaching land. So I lift my tray table, put my seat up and zip-up my jacket.

On land, it is cold and windy. A fresh dusting of snow covered much of the black, cracked, frozen, mossy, treeless volcanic island-scape. On goes the puffy.

So cold even the trees wear sweaters.

Reykjavik street art.

Even on the most cloudy of days colors can still be vibrant.

It is here that Jules Verne based his book “Journey to the Center of the Earth” was based.

It is said that Snæfellsjökull is also the heart chakra of the earth.

If you were to draw a straight line from the pyramids of Giza to the magnetic north pole it would cross over the top of Snæfellsjökull.

Barfur, the Gardian.

Miriam stands on top a sea arch. Notice the gulls perched in the nooks and crannies below.

Notice the group perched above, like gulls.

Miriam charging ahead towards the Snæfellsjökull summit.

Julia representing Iceland!

T-shirt weather for these bankers.

Brad Foley, Miriam Schaffer, Julia Hedman, and Grant Haynes

Grant Haynes climbs down from the frosty nipple.

Brad Foley testing out his new Wagner Custom Skis. It may be steep but it sure is icy.

Miriam Schaffer with the north Atlantic Ocean down below waiting.

Corn, yummy.

What don't these skies do?

Hákarl (Rotten Shark). Julia and Miriam enjoy? Miriam says; "the bread was good."

I'll trade you 14kilos of Hákarl for a good photo. Let me first let be buy you a beer.


Stop with love in Akureyri

Boot'n up and out of Olafsfjordur .

Olafsfjordur's backyard.

Julia Hedman on the edge of winter and summer.

Sunsets last a long time at our new friend Heddin's house.



Thanks go out first and foremost to Wagner Custom Skis, then the Weather. You really worked well with us. Miriam, Brad, Julia, Grant. The van (Professor Lidenbrock) took us 2,972kms around the island, clockwise. The Bonus Pig. Pylsurs. The kind people if Iceland. Oster Puffs. Gull Beer. Etc.



The Reset Button

Many events this past year have rooted themselves deep within my sub-conscious and I in response had grown emotional callouses, layer upon layer.  It may have been protecting myself from further external harm but as a result the festering, undigested emotions could not escape. Just a couple of days in the desert peels back the layers of the onion, exposing my core being to the raw, gritty, splendid sand-scape.  For the first time in months I feel like I can take a full breath.  I feel younger and lighter.  I think more clearly.

I thank you desert.

Miriam and Dawn at dusk. Followed by the Nick of time.


Ruby! 5th class doggie climb.

Be Foley or be nobody….. that’s what I always say.

Sierra up high, Wyndom and Dawn down low.

The Green Mask.

Sheepish about Hot Pow!

Awake at 5:28am, driving out of town at 6:28, start skinning at 7:28, top of Sheep at 10:28. Good Morning! Galena on the final push. Looked daunting but was quite casual.

Whip-it, whip it good.Sustrugi sounds more delicious than is is...Sastrugi? Mmmmmm sounds delicious!

Galena and Miriam, digg’n it!

Cold, tasty, fluffy pow.


Embracing the fall-line.

Yah Galena!

And in conclusion.. wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.


World wonderfully warped whilst waggling Wagners!

This year, 2012, on Leap Year’s Eve Day, my world changed dramatically for the best.  Though this day was not the first day on my new Wagner Custom skis, it was the day I fell in love with them.  Like any good, dynamic, engaging courtship it took a couple of days for us to adapt to one another.  They make me feel funny, give me butterflies and keep me awake at night wanting soooo badly to click back into them and swizzle some soft snow. Besides being the best looking skis ever, they do just what I ask them to and don’t ask me to do anything that I don’t. I’ve never before skied as fast and confident as I can now, hand in hand, or rather, foot in binding, with Wagner. Now quite frankly I am sure that I posses the single best pair of giggle-stix ever created in the world, period.

Giggle-skix for swizzling.

Behold! The mighyest swizzle-stix in all the land!!

we are going to Iceland!

“Et quacumque viam dederit furtuna sequamur.” May he follow whatever route fortune gives. “Jules vern” Journey to the Centre on the Earth.

Things are said to be strange and magnificent in the land of fire and ice. I believe this to be true. In an effort to prepare for this journey Brad, Julia, and I try a little “strange and magnificent” on to make sure it fits. I am certain that our other cohorts Miriam and Grant will do the same.

Soooo Strange! Wonky, Wobbly, Wheels and a hinged top-tube. Wild!

Carbondale provides.Sopris watches over the hustling hubbub of C-Dale. The rumps of Brad and Julia hold down Mushroom Rock.Which way? That way!!Bon Voyage begins with “a cup of liquid sunshine”.  Noah made us proud. Proud and jittery. Crema is, without a shadow of a doubt, my new favorite caffeine filling station.

Onward and upward! Denver to NY.

NY to Reykjavik!